This page describes the creation of markings and emblems for Il-2: FB. The game uses a markings system that, while versatile (by necessity!), does have some drawbacks and persistent errors. There have been attempts made to rectify this situation by third party developers. This page has information relevant for both the third-party model developer as well as the end-user.


Emblems for units, displayed on the surface of aircraft in-game, are generated from 64x64 targa files. They are created like any other 2D art in any 2D program, but the final output must be a 64x64 .tga. The targa is 32 bits, with transparency around the emblem. Anyone can create unit emblems and submit them for inclusion in the game, but to be honest it is not clear if their acceptance means they will be integrated. Modelers of individual aircraft types (especially German aircraft) may wish to create emblems for the units that used the aircraft they are modeling and include them for submission with the final model. Below are some examples of emblems the author has sent to 1C:Maddox Games for inclusion:

The unit of the author's grandfather.
Stab III/StG.77
One of sixteen emblems made for the StG.77 virtual squadron.
Used the Ar 196 on the Black Sea.


Il-2:FB's marking system uses a proprietary file format called the .mat file. The ins & outs of this .mat format have been decoded by a 3rd party developer named Aces. Andrew Lazarov has authored a program to manage .mat files, enabling the user to load more realistic re-sized and weathered markings onto aircraft in the game. For a full explanation of the .mat system and downloading of Il-2 MAT and its associated markings packages, please visit Ace's Artwork.