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This "Modeling Bible" aims to collect in one place all available information on 3rd-party 3D modeling for 1C:Maddox Games' Il-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles flight simulator, published by Ubisoft Entertainment. It was compiled beginning in late November 2003, in response to requests for more information from new modelers following the demise of the first iteration of Il-2 Center and the move of the modeling community to Netwings. Although Forgotten Battles is nearing the end of its lifetime as a product, and new models will probably not be accepted for integration into FB after mid-2004, this information will hopefully serve as a useful basis for modeling add-ons to future 1C:Maddox Games projects. The model system used in Il-2: FB is anticipated to be carried over, in some form or another, into FB add-ons, Battle of Britian, and its successors.

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Update History

2003.11.19   Beta version; early release of MB to assist modelers.
2003.12.02   "Beta patch", fixing a flaw in the DHTML menu to reference relative location instead of absolute files on the author's hard drive.
2003.12.20   First release version.