Who ARE these people?!

Clouseau... Hmmhm, HahaHAHA, hmmhm. CLOUSEAU!

This page lists some of the more well-known members of the Il-2 3D modeling community.

Lone Wolves (West)

Jerry "JG5_Jerry" Boucher   In progress: ?
Eloquent Englishman known for his fantastic aviation illustration, made with a combination of 2D and 3D techniques.
The Virtual Aircraft Website
Terrence "Majesty5" Daniels   Ar 196A-3 external. In progress: J2M3 external & cockpit.
3D wannabe. Liquor store employee, working on finishing a Bachelor's in art.
Took a long time to finish the Ar 196A-3... Writes 100 words where five would have been fine.
Radek "Radek" Jakubiak   P-40 external & cockpit. In progress: MC.200?
Some experience in graphics and game development.
Great at texturing, and has done amazing work on the MC.200.
Kevin "Gibbage" Miller   PBY-6, P-80, Go 229, Spitvire Mks. V and IX externals.
Currently Der Führer of the Netwings coordinating effort.
His output has made him famous. His spelling has made him infamous.
Santiago "Xanty" Moreno   He 111 external rework & cockpits. In progress: New German ordnance.
Mysterious Spaniard.
Seemingly always steadily at work on something.
Jan "Jippo" Niukkanen   Ju 87B cockpit. In progress: Ju 88 cockpit.
Working on a doctorate in England.
Gave us the Stuka. Working long and hard on the Ju 88 cockpits.
Walter "WPedra0" Pedrao   P-47D external & cockpit.
At one point, he had upwards of six different models under construction (!).
Ilya "Luthier" Shevchenko   BI-1 and TB-3, I-16 and I-153 cockpits.
Former coordinator of 3rd-party modeling efforts. Gave us a bastard Soviet rocket fighter and the World's Ugliest Bomber. Disappeared for a while, but has now returned with a vengeance.
Il-2 Center
Alex Voicu   Tempest.
Builder of the Tempest 3D model.
Lucas "LukeFF" Wallace   He 162 external & cockpit modeling.
Proudly serving with The Big Red One.
Recently announced his forthcoming deployment to Iraq, ending work on the Hs 129 cockpit.
David "Zur" Zurawski   PZL P.11c. In progress: P.37 Los'.
Also made the F-86F package for Third Wire Production's Strike Fighters: Project 1.
"Captain Haddock"   Gloster Gladiator.
Occasionally stops by to drop off screenshots of mind-blowing work.
"Fennec"   The battleship Tirpitz.
Completed the battleship Tirpitz.
Generous and helpful with modeling information.
"Hammerd"   Textures for Tempest, Go 229, P-80.
Highly-regarded texturer who often works in partnership with modelers.

Lone Wolves (East)

Vladimir "SaQSoN" Kachmarky   Ki-61. In progress: ?
Mysterious Russian who built the Ki-61 on the sly. Revealed the existence of a "Model Gap" between East & West... Is a veritable fountain of detailed info.
Ilya Steshov   B-25.
Constructor of the B-25.


Loic "NN_Avirex" Derrien & Michel "NN_Shane" Vibert   Me 262 cockpit. In progress: Bf 110 and He 162 cockpits.
Working to make flyable two of the most important German aircraft of the war.
Omega Squadron   In progress: Do 17Z-2, Do 217E-2/E-4/K-1/M-1, He 177A-5, He 100, Beaufighter Mks. I, IIF, and VI, Typhoon Mks. IA & B, Lancasters Mks. I, II, and III, Whirlwhind Mks. I and IA.
Ten modelers in four countries are fulfilling the potential of the long-envisioned "cooperative effort".
Dedicated to completing a variety of previously "dead" projects.
Omega Squadron

All-Around Helpful People

Ian Boys
Tells us all what's really going on, in addition to building missions, writing, and other work.
Recently "retired from the Internet" to start his own business.
Olivier "butch2k" Lefebvre
The acknowledged authority on just about everything airplane-related.
Unfortunately closed his superb "All About Warfare" forums in 2002.
Neil Washbrook
Generously provided a new virtual home for modelers at Netwings.
Working to make sense of what's going on. Want to know who's working on what, man? Go here:
Burnin's Il-2 Database